A Medical Doctor and Personal Trainer’s:
Clinical, Proven Approach for Losing 
Up to 20lbs In Just 27 Days
The 27 Day Fat Loss Prescription 
Don’t be alarmed, this isn’t a crash diet.

And you might also be wondering...

is it even safe to lose weight that rapidly?

The answer is yes, but only if you do it the RIGHT way...

And the best part is, you don’t have to go on a diet that wouldn’t satisfy a bird...

No hunger pangs. No sluggish energy levels.
Let me explain how I do it...
I ONLY use rapid fat loss with my patients because, believe it or not, the body is a momentum-driven machine. When you’ve got such rapid weight loss momentum, the body’s fat burning processes are firing on all cylinders and you’re dropping weight almost effortlessly.
You’ve probably also noticed the same thing with gaining weight...

Once it starts to accumulate, it’s almost impossible to stop that momentum.

Slow and controlled just doesn’t get results… it’s been proven time and time again.

On a molecular level, your body needs to see a big change stimulus to switch into maximum fat burning mode...

AKA it needs to see rapid, drastic weight loss to flip the switch and tell your systems “OKAY, this is what we’re doing now!”
Rapid fat loss is also extremely powerful because…
  • Losing weight quickly boosts motivation and confidence.
  • Losing weight quickly reduces inflammation, hunger pangs, sugar cravings and more.
That means rapid fat loss is superior for both physiological and psychological benefits.
But there is one important caveat...
You MUST achieve rapid weight loss using the RIGHT approach.
Let me tell you that the fad diets you’re used to seeing are NOT using the correct approach... 

Ever notice how most people get no real long-term results from fad diets?

Not only that, but the proponents of these diets try to tell you that you won’t be hungry or suffering, but that’s ALWAYS what ends up happening.

I’m completely opposed to starvation-based diets... 

They are simply unsustainable and they make you miserable.

So my approach is much more simple... 

You will NOT starve and you will actually GAIN energy and motivation using my approach.

Here’s my prescription in a nutshell:

Instead of severely restricting calories, we employ a smart series of nutritional “manipulations” combined with short, targeted bouts of high intensity exercise.
(which also balances hormones, further contributing to greater health and optimal fat-burning conditions).
The results from such an approach?


But the most important part is this...
My patients who have lost this much weight have been able to
keep it off for good.

Well, it’s because I’m not just teaching you another “diet...”

Diets, as we’ve learned, never really work...

Rather, I’m teaching you the SKILL of how to cultivate a leaner, harder, and healthier physique.

Think of the people you know who have an amazing physique…

Do you think they got that way because they “diet better?”

Of course not...

You see them eat the same foods as you all the time...

They look amazing because they’ve done (either knowingly or unknowingly) what I’m about to teach you...
We wanted to give a quick mention to Mark Welte, who...
lost 26lbs as part of our 27 Day Fat Loss Prescription Program
That’s almost a pound a day! And have a look at what he said...
 “I lost 23lbs in the 27 days..."
 “I lost 23lbs in the 27 days of Dr. Spencer’s Fat Loss Prescription. I’ll just put it simply. I feel lighter and healthier. I feel more radiant l than I have in years. 

I have more energy. My co-workers are complimenting me and asking me how I did it. Best of all, I’ve been able to keep losing weight using everything I’ve learned. In the last 2 weeks, I’ve lost another 10 pounds!” - Elena V.
Here's Sarah Wong, another one of our 27 Day Fat Loss Prescription program graduates.
She lost 14.5lbs in under 30 days!
Another  quick mention to Jen Welte, who...
lost 22lbs in under 30 days!
Here's one more of our  27 Day Fat Loss Prescription program graduates, Yohanna
She lost all of her baby weight and then some, in under 30 days!
Stan Wong, another graduate of our 27 Day Fat Loss Prescription program, is a good example of how somebody who is already relatively lean, can have major success on our program as well.
(Many who join our program do so because they are frustrated with those last 10lbs of “stubborn” body fat.)
Over 27 days, Stan lost 14lbs, and 7% bodyfat!
Check out the cool chart he made...
 “...so far, I've lost 23lbs"
 “I’ll admit, I was hesitant at first, but I figured well what have I got to lose? Dr. Spencer is clearly someone who knows what he’s talking about and not just another one of those weight loss ‘gurus’.
Anyway, I couldn’t believe I lost all this weight in such a short period of time. I didn’t think it was possible for me after failing so many other times on just about every diet you can think of. Everything Dr. Spencer and Pat did for me was honest-to-god life changing. And what surprised me the most is how much energy I had, even as the fat was disintegrating. Seriously, I felt stupendous. So far, I’ve lost 23lbs. It’s been 29 days.” – Dan M.
“The Amazing Thing Is Really The Speed at Which This Program Works. People Have Lost Over 30lbs In Less Than 30 Days. And They Feel Good Doing It. It’s remarkable.” 
That quote above is from one of my interviews in Men's Health, and I was not exaggerating. 

This is simply the power of using the momentum of rapid weight loss.
Now, will YOU lose 30 pounds in less than 30 days?
That’s tough to say because...

1) I don’t know if you’re disciplined enough to follow my simple approach...

and 2) it depends entirely on how much excess weight you HAVE to lose.

But here’s what I can tell you. 

The people who use this program achieve results they’ve never seen before...
We’re talking complete transformations where people notice huge differences in your appearance whether you’re wearing clothes or not.
So whether you have 10, 20, 30, upwards of 100lbs or more to lose...

or even if you are simply trying to get rid of those last, pesky 6 or 7 “stubborn” lbs... 

my 27-Day Fat Loss Prescription is the approach you’ve been looking for.
And guess what… no more weight loss plateaus.

It’s because I don’t just tell you to cut calories and wait... 

The body adjusts to that too quickly... 

and as you may have experienced in the past... you stall in a few weeks.
I’m giving you the ultimate
anti-fat weapon
that attacks from all angles.
Cutting calories works in short-term lab clinical trials... 

but in the real world, where people want to lose weight as fast as possible and keep it off, you need better than that. 

You need professionally developed strategies and body-transforming skillsets.

Basically, what I’ve discovered... 

is through the use of a few, simple nutritional “manipulations”...
...we can actually achieve rapid fat loss WITHOUT counting calories, tracking macros, or obsessively weighing out every single thing you eat... 
Not only are those things unnecessary...

they also lower adherence because who’s going to do that stuff forever?

So here’s what I’ve come up with instead...

We begin by using an approach known as “nutritional periodization.”
This concept is incredibly simple and intuitive.
You’ll be able to see immediately 
why it works.
Essentially, we fluctuate your caloric intake (without counting) throughout the day...

dropping it at certain times, and ramping it up at others. 

This method blunts hunger pangs... 

eliminates sugar cravings... 

and keeps your energy high while fat literally melts right off.

It’s similar to the concept of “muscle confusion”... only applied to nutrition. 
Your metabolism is kept guessing
and can’t adjust... 
thus avoiding any slowdown or plateaus.

There ARE peaks and valleys... but the trend is always moving towards immediate reduction of body fat.

But strategy is not enough... 

What good is me giving you the means to rapid fat loss if you don’t have the mindset to follow it?

This is where a very important skill set comes in... 

On top of nutritional periodization... 

you will learn how to reap the benefits of what we call an acceptance-based mindset. 
This is totally different than any other approach out there... 
but studies have shown the adoption of this skill set...

can increase adherence by up to 30% on ANY weight loss program.

So when combined with our approach it essentially guarantees automatic fat loss.

Let Me Ask You A Question...
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All of that adds up to over $2,000 PLUS the live webinars.

Okay, okay. 

You’re probably beginning to wonder when my “sales pitch” is coming... 

and here it is. 
But first I hope you realize...
I wouldn’t try to sell you anything that I haven’t personally used both on myself and my patients as an Obesity Medicine Specialist.
And, I’m giving you the best deal I possibly can...

We’ve spent countless thousands of dollars on clinical trials to prove our methods so we could bring to the market the best weight loss program possible.

Our 27 Day Fat Loss Prescription normally costs $497...

You get access today for only $147 - for the next 72 hours only and then it goes back up to regular price.

You may be wondering why I'm offering such an outrageous discount. 

Here's the truth. I'm a doctor. Not a business person. 

And while I have bills to pay and mouths to feed, just like anyone, I never want 'money' to be the reason you don't get the opportunity to work with me

So I have made my revolutionary program, which is the result of hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on degree and research, as affordable as possible, so you can finally get the results you've been looking for.
Consider this for a second...

It's roughly $5 per day...

When you consider a personal training session costs AT LEAST $50...

it’s really a no-brainer that the value of our program far exceeds anything else out there...

because these are things you can use for the rest of your life... 

AND you get all of the bonuses mentioned above.

In addition...

our program is based on over 3,000+ hours of proven scientific clinical trials.

On the other hand, the average personal trainer spends about 100 hours getting certified. 

Not to bash personal trainers at all... they have their place. 

But value-wise, what we offer is unmatched.
Here's My Guarantee To YOU!
Legally, I'm not allowed to tell you that I'll guarantee your success. 

In fact, the truth is that the ONLY person who can guarantee your success is YOU.

But, we’re so confident you’ll see the results you’re hoping for, that we’re willing to offer you this...

100% no questions asked money-back guarantee.

PLUS you can keep the Fat Loss Prescription Program AND you can even keep the jug of protein... you literally have NOTHING TO LOSE, except the weight ;)   

Sound fair?
Don’t put off losing weight any longer. 

Become healthier, more energetic and love what you see in the mirror.

Life is too short to live with anything but maximum confidence. 

Start working on it today.
Let Me Show You
How To Get Started Now!
Here's a quick recap of everything you're going to get immediate access to:
  • Full, 27 Day Fat Loss Prescription Nutrition Plan and Workout Program, for losing up to 20 pounds or more in just 27 days. ($499/value)
  • Full library of exercise tutorials and workout videos for building lean, hard, sculpted muscle tissue. ($199/value)
  • Weekly LIVE Group Coaching sessions and QnA with me and Pat Flynn. ($499/value)
  • Community support group, so you can find your accountability and motivation! ($99/value)
  • 1-page cheat sheets for improving sleep and reducing stress -- proven effective for getting rid of stubborn belly fat. ($49/value)
  • Access to live webinars to go over the program and troubleshoot if needed... (priceless)
  • A FREE jug of our new grass-fed "Very Good Protein" whey protein... ($49 value)
  • Recipes, meal templates, and grocery shopping lists -- no guess work. Everything is so simple and straightforward. ($29/value)
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As I mentioned earlier... we are not going to keep the doors open on this opportunity forever. 

So if at this point.... you're even slightly interest in giving this a shot...

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I guess another question would be,
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Well, the answer is nothing.

You're life is gonna stay the same.

You're going to continue to look and feel the way you do now.

You're gonna have more cycles of frustration...starting and stopping more gimmicky eating plans, and never fully reaching your weight loss goals.

You're going to keep wasting money on diet plans, supplements, and pieces of exercise equipment that end up collecting dust in the attic.

You're going to keep avoiding the mirror... because you're afraid or ashamed of what you see.

And maybe you're gonna come back in a few months and likely by that point, we'll be closed to outsiders and we'll be a private coaching club again.

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